The game of checkers has been around for a long time, and made their way into desktops laptops and smartphones. Checkers Free from Optime Software is one of the best looking ones for the iPhone yet.

The design is simple and clean, something that has become a trademark of the company. Controls are intuitive; tap a piece to select and tap to where you want to put it. The game has an undo button in case you move in the wrong area. The options menu allows you to turn the sound effects on or off, use forced jumps or not and many others.


The graphics are nice, the subtle colors easy on the eyes. The sound when you move the piece is realistic. You also hear groans when you lose and cheers when you win. Single players can choose the level of play. Move the slider to the right to increase the difficulty level. Warning: moving to the extreme right will make the game very difficult.

Checkers Free has pretty good (and challenging) AI. You can go up against another player if you want to as well.

Fans of the classics will enjoy this game. Its addictive and can be played anywhere. If you have never played checkers before, this is a great way to get into it.

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