Banzai Blade by Cartoon Network is an action hack and slash game for the iOS. Demons have come to Earth and itís up to you to stop them. What this means is you end up in level after level slashing and slicing demons. But thereís more to this game than just hack and slashing, as some of the bad guys can be hard to kill.

True some of the monsters only require a single swipe to finish off, but others need a lot more, and the dragons can only be killed by deflating the fireballs they breathe back, so that requires some strategizing and thinking. To make Banzai Blade even more interesting, you have to take out a lot of the enemies before they can inflict any damaged, so speed and reaction time is of the essence here.


All these challenges donít take away the fun factor. Also the game has a lot of side missions that make it more interesting. These missions can be finished in-game, so thereís none of that repetitive feeling you get from other similar games. You can also shop for a new sword, and get blossoms when you take out a specified number of demons in a mission. You can exchange these blossoms for upgrades, items, armors, swords and other stuff youíll need. And you will need them as some of the enemies can be tough.

Banzai Ninja isnít just an exciting game but the graphics look great and the controls are pretty responsive. It wonít take long before you get the hang of Banzai Blade and once you do you will definitely enjoy playing it.

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