Focus Booster is an app for Windows designed to help you manage time. What the program does is break down your work into 25 minute segments and add breaks. The purpose of all this is to help you stay focused. While aimed primarily at people working, it will also help students and anyone trying to balance time on their desktop.

When you install Focus Booster Adobe AIR is installed as well. With this software you will be able to operate any web application without using a browser on your desktop. A close look will show that Focus Booster is more like a widget than a full blown application. The interface is pretty simple, with a black rectangular shape and a play icon (the green one) and a counter that is configured to 25:00.


The small I will toggle a panel that allows you to begin a session, set the break and turn the sounds on or off. There is also an option to have the app always at the top or not. The controls are flexible enough and you can set the break length to as low as 5 minutes, which is really the ideal minimum break time.

Once that is set you just need to click the play button. This will activate the countdown and will display a semi-transparent Session 01 message and a momentary stopwatch sound. As you work you will see a green progress bar, with the colors slowly turning into a warm color as it reaches completion. When the break is reached, an alarm bell will set off. While Focus Booster is simple, it gets the job done.

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