When it comes to money, most of us have trouble budgeting and keeping track of our expenses. If you find yourself always on the short end when bills start piling up, then you might want to try out HomeBank.

This personal accounting software is perfect for anybody who wants to have a better idea where all their expenses go every single month. Packed with tons of helpful features, the program can easily collate the info you have and help you map out where each cent is spent.

Moreover, thanks to a user-friendly interface, even those that haven’t tried out an accounting software before will find this a very helpful tool to have at their disposal.

HomeBank is packed with great features you can use for financial planning. For instance, it has the capacity to accommodate several accounts at one time.¬†When exploring the program, you’ll find there are spaces provided for inputting personal data as well as dividing them into different categories. By placing all the necessary info for any particular account, you can easily track down where your money goes.

The interface, on the other hand, is quite easy to use. Beginners and first time accounting software users won’t have trouble navigating their way through the system. What’s nicer is that it doesn’t use any financial jargon that regular people haven’t heard of; making the software convenient and easy to understand.

Perhaps the only real downside is that it takes time to input all your financial information inside the program. However, once you have it set up, you should be good to go. It just takes a bit of tinkering so you can become familiar with the program’s interface and its functions.

Overall, HomeBank provides you with a comprehensive report on your financial status at any given month. You can also view the statistics as a graph or chart to help you visualize your financial reality much better.

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