Sushipedia by Tokiolabs is your ultimate guide for all things related to sushi. Whether you are an avid fan of raw fish or someone who is about to try sushi for the first time, this app will be your reference guide. It has all the basic information about sushi and more.

Once you download and install the app, you can start browsing its contents. As you might expect from a high quality encyclopedia, it has all the popular variants like tobiko (flying-fish roe), Philadelphia roll (with cream cheese), hiramasa (yellowtail amberjack), akagai (red clam) and several hundred others that you probably never even heard of. Each of the more than 300 entries contains a full description plus other facts.


Another nice feature of Sushipedia is that you can search by ingredient, name, attributes, or by other features like whether it has cooked fish, is spicy, no fish, raw fish and so on. Even if you donít know much about sushi, it can be a lot of fun just browsing through the list and learning about them. You can even find a list of seasonal fish.

The contents are arranged in English but you can also sort them in Japanese if you want. Overall, itís a very easy app to use, and the color pictures give you an exact idea of what they look like. If youíve been eating sushi for a while, you probably already know what they look like, but for a newbie, these make all the difference. The fact that you can search for the freshest fish for the current season is another plus.

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