Flipboard is your virtual news magazine for the iOS and Android. Created by Flipboard Inc, the app allows you to create a custom magazine. From it you can browse tweets, get Facebook newsfeeds, YouTube videos and many more.

Once you install Flipboard, you’ll see boxes on the main page. To put contents on each box, just tap it. The Content Guide will appear showing you categories like Tech, Food & Design, Business, Arts and more. There are suggestions available for popular online news magazines, sports columnists’ tweets and more. Just tap the Add button to include it.

A content box can be opened by tapping. At the main page are the top story and a couple others. To read more, flip the pages. Stories can be shared in Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Flipboard is very efficient in offering contents that you probably won’t need to go to the actual sites. Aside from news, you get to see photos, friends’ status updates and update your own status. All of these are presented in a beautiful interface.


Content is updated on a regular basis. You’ll be able to see new content and images every time you open the app. There are nine boxes on the first screen and the second can hold a dozen. The app allows you to view contents in various ways. The web page can be displayed, or it can be an RSS feed or HTML 5-powered Flipboard Pages. The latter is for sites partnered with the company.

Flipboard also has a category for audio featuring TWiT, Slate Internet Radio and CMJ Network. Simply tap the + icon to add a feed.

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