Grocery IQ by makes going to groceries less strenuous. This app allows you to make lists from its vast database. You can manually add items to the list, but it also offers a lot of helpful suggestions. The app comes with voice search and a multi-barcode scanner. The scanner is very easy to use. Just point the phone camera on the barcode of a product.

The software’s vast database means most of the items you’re looking for are already there. Item details can be viewed, and you can put some descriptions or add a price tag to it. You can make several lists. You can set up a list for weekly groceries, one for the holidays and so on. Grocery IQ can sync, update and access with Android, the iPad, iPhone or their website.

Lists can be shared so everyone in your home has the same items. You can set the app up so it will notify you when the list you shared has been updated. The “All List Items” allow you to see everything. Grocery IQ has a section on coupons about various items. This option alone gives you a lot to choose from. You can email the coupon to be printed or to an HP printer that is Wi-Fi capable. Pertinent coupons on your list are available. By using your phone’s current location, Grocery IQ can name the drug stores, groceries and food stores close by.

There are other cool features built into this app. You can put frequently-purchased items in your lists so lists can be created rapidly. Grocery IQ also keeps a history and makes lists based on it.

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