Spending all your time sitting behind a desk is not healthy, so experts recommend working out. Good for us there are apps like Keep Workout Trainer by Keep Inc that helps you stay fit even without a gym membership. Hundreds of exercises are included with detailed guides so it can be fine-tuned to your requirements, fitness and available time.

To get the most from Keep Workout Trainer, the app creates a personalized workout plan for you. Start by choosing a goal, i.e. lose weight or stay healthy. Tap either one and you are taken to the fitness level option – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Next, type in the start date.

Using the info above, the app creates a workout program designed to meet your goals. The workout is divided into weeks with detailed exercises for you to do. There is a wide variety of exercises so the whole thing does not get monotonous.

Videos show you how each exercise is done. You learn the proper posture, how and when to breathe in and out, mistakes to avoid, tips and more. This detailed approach is ideal for beginners who often make mistakes. Even longtime fitness buffs will find much useful info here.

You can review your workout history for easy tracking and unlike a personal trainer, you can always go watch the video or read the instructions until you perfect the exercise. The customizable workout plans allow you to progress at your own pace too. With more and more people becoming health conscious, Keep Workout Trainer is indeed one for keeps.

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