Remember drawing those squiggly lines and circles on 5 lines when you were in music class? You draw them then read them afterward and realize that you do not understand anything you have drawn because they were in weird places between and after the lines. Do not be scared of making the same mistake now.
Rose Garden is ready to help you create the best music sheets and midi sequences possible, allowing you unleash the professional musician inside you.

Rose Garden is an open-source midi sequencer and music notation software for Linux. It lets you record music and edit it. When you need to remember or share your music to other musicians, the software has a score editor that lets you accurately draw notes from your midi file. Now you can be sure that other musicians have all the material necessary play your music just the way you wanted it.

Rose Garden is perfect for music enthusiasts, recording artists, home studio owners and professional studio mixers and is available free of charge for all types of uses. It can edit music, as well as create and print out music sheets. In addition to that, it also recognizes your MIDI controllers connected to your computer so you get to record MIDI files and your own songs or music in a jiffy.

Connect your Rosegarden tracks to soft-synths, connect those to a standalone effects rack or back into Rosegarden, connect Rosegarden’s mixer output into a mastering application or a variety of meters, or route all the individual audio outs into a separate hard disc recorder. Nearly all serious Linux audio software supports JACK, which makes it a far more universal and effective standard than you will find on other platforms.

Rose Garden is currently available for Linux, but I am sure a Windows and a Mac version would also be highly appreciated by music enthusiasts and serious music makers.

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