Draw Something Free 2 is a social drawing app for the iOS and Android. Courtesy of game developer Zynga, the game provides you with new methods for drawing, guessing and sharing them with your friends. The sequel to the popular game, this comes with many new tools and features.

The core gameplay requires players to choose a short phrase or word and draw a picture that represents that phrase. The other player has to guess what the word is using the letters provided. There’s a hint system to help you out, but this will cost you “stars”, the game’s currency. If you guess successfully, you swap roles with the other player and now you have to draw.

Draw Something Free 2 has more drawing tools the original, allowing you to use crayons, pixel pens, pattern pens, highlighter and pencils. You also have a lot of colors to choose from. These new tools become more accessible by playing and drawing.

There is also a social network component to the game and you can add the images you drew in your gallery. Draw Something Free 2 also lets you like other players’ drawings and comment on them.

While Draw Something Free 2 has a lot of features, the interface is relatively uncluttered. If you look at it there are two components in the game. But if you are not really into social media, you can just go and play the game like before. If you have played the original game you will enjoy this one, and even if you didn’t, you’ll like this.

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