Some users refer to SketchBook Express as the Mac Version of Windows Paint, but it’s more powerful. Created by AutoDesk, it offers casual users an easy way to learn how to paint and draw. Those who know little about drawing and painting will learn the ropes quickly.

A blank canvas greets you after launching the app. One window has controls for redo, undo, colors and shapes. Pencils, erasers, pens and brushes are stored in another window. You also have flood fill tools, brushes for sharpening and blurring.

Its draw modes make it a snap to create rectangles, circles and other shapes. You’ve also got markers and airbrushes. You can create up to half a dozen layers for complex drawings. Images can be dragged to a layer for easy editing.

You can access files and settings in the crescent at the bottom of the screen. Drawing is easy; choose a pencil or brush, select a color and start your mastepiece. For Mac touchpads, you just drag your finger. You can use a tablet for more precise creations.

There are a lot of drawing tools. All of them can be customized. Unlike basic paint programs, SketchBook Express has other options such as crayons, developer colors, Apple colors and web-safe hues. The latter is ideal if you want to post images specifically for the web.

If you want more specific shades, use the color wheel. The UI is streamlined, which makes drawing easier. The iPad version is optimized for pens. You can navigate the canvas by using the spacebar.

SketchBook Express is very easy to learn and fun. Whatever your artistic skills, it’s a great way to learn how to draw or just make sketches.

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