Let’s stir away from story lines and dialogues and treat ourselves with Gravity of Center, an unconventional experimental film directed and conceived by Thibaut Duverneix and Victor Quijada.

From its release, the film has already garnered much attention including a nomination to the Yorkton Film Festival, winner of the best experimental short and best cinematography in the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, and official selections from numerous film festivals.

In just 14 minutes, we are treated to a mouth-watering show that marries ballet, contemporary, and break dance. Featuring dancers from the Rubberdance Company, the movers come with an eccentric provenance, they move in a tough and elastic manner, evoking emotion in every twist and turn.

The choreography, done by Quijada himself, creates an invisible tension where the dancers coils and steers their body until they break free.

The narrative subtext that tackles a poetic investigation of the herd versus pack mentality, the dichotomy of abundance and scarcity, and the inner conflict between social assimilation versus the need for individualism was clearly shown.

Accompanying the visual movement is the moody lighting and dramatic sets that perfectly sets the mood of the film.

In Gravity of Center, Quijada has incorporated different genres into one interesting piece of art. So download, press play, and let the language of dance move you.

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