Welcome your lazy mornings with a flavorful zest such as Mindy Gledhill‘s Anchor. Packed with eleven carefully brewed tracks, this collection gives off a soothing aroma that reminds you of warm memories.


Indie pop fans unite as Mindy’s vocals charms its way to tickle your soul. The album was produced by Juno-nominated producer/engineer Stuart Brawley, who has worked with big names including Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, and Lenka. Backed up with experience and talent, listeners can expect nothing but the best from this album.

Kicking things off is California, a whimsical pop country piece that highlights Mindy Gledhill’s distinct voice that’s both saccharine and captivating. Following with whimsical piano keys, Crazy Love is a pocketful of sunshine bursting with energy and positive vibes. Press play and let the plethora of chimes and piano keys warm your heart.


All The Pennies treats the listeners with delightful moments of melodic magic. Mindy’s unique voice resonates throughout the piece, with every single note flawlessly executed to perfection.

Anchor is a solid, well-created piece that will surely win and dazzle even the most astute musical taste. It is certainly a beautiful album that features an artist who has a lot of promise.

Track List:
1. California
2. Crazy Love
3. Anchor
4. Circus Girl
5. All About Your Heart
6. All The Pennies
7. This Is My Song
8. Whole Wide World
9. Hourglass
10. I Do Adore
11. Mi Ancla

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