Dance your heart out with Future of the Party‘s self-titled EP. Released last October 2011, this four-track set offers a steady dose of psychedelic universe.

Hailing from Rutherford, New Jersey, this four-piece band of Kate (Vocals), Alex (Bass), Jesse (Guitar and Josh (drums) offers visceral performances swirled in tasteful indie pop.

Kate’s dreamy vocals welcomes the listeners in Half-Truth. With a chorus filled with brilliant electro tunes and a full-drum treatment, this piece reaches the upper echelons of unpretentious party music.

Maintaining a club vibe, We’ll Be Alright focuses on playful keys and a heart-felt delivery. Verses like “we bottle our hearts when our hands start swimming in a sea of tangled sheets” showcase the band’s potent lyricism.

Leaning on a pop rock aesthetic, Pieces is a flawless song that will bring you back to younger days of late night partying and lazy summer weekends.

Simple but brilliant, Before Tonight makes use of ambient tunes and charming piano keys. Ghostly layered vocals add a nostalgic treatment to this superb track. I personally like how the song slowly builds up from a soothing ballad to an epic dance track.

Future of the Party opens the gates to a new kind of party anthems. Their EP makes no pretense to be anything but exactly what it is—flawlessly crafted, dreamy vocals, brilliant verses and fresh tunes.

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