Bubble Star from Random Salad Games is not just another bubble shooting game. While it does have similarities with those other games, it has many other features that make it unique and interesting. The colorful graphics and the strategizing, among others, make it a truly engrossing game.

Bubble Star has a simple objective – you just have to match three bubbles that have similar colors, and they will pop. Your goal is to get every bubble off the board and win. The game play sounds simple and it is very easy to pick up. However it does present a lot of challenges and you won�t be able to complete the game in just a couple of sittings.


You can literally spend hours playing through the 100 levels and it also has bonus bubbles included. What makes it even better is the fact that Random Salad Games is working on adding more levels so there is a lot of playability here. You can also play the game in different modes for added enjoyment and it is also compatible with tablets.

What sets Bubble Star apart from others is that it provides a host of power ups and bonuses that expand the game and make the game play more engrossing. This is apart from the fact that the graphics are really nice. It looks great on a smartphone but the bigger screen of a tablet makes it even more so.

There are a lot of bubble shooting games out there, but Bubble Star has a lot of features that breathe life into this genre, so if you like this type of game, give this a look.

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