Kopecky, an alternative rock band from Nashville, has the ability to create unusual yet beautifully playful melodies. Listening to them makes you want to look at the sky, think of life, and just throw a smile; in a phrase, their music is life-enriching.

Bound by their shared passion for meaningful songwriting as well as their mission to create a deeper and stronger connection to listeners, the band members (Kelsey, Gabe, Markus, Steven, Corey, and David) have compiled a selection of tunes in Quarterback Tour EP featuring two new songs and a couple of classics.

First stop is Quarterback, where we are treated with a funky indie-pop flavor that bursts at every beat. The layered, electro vocals coupled with well-placed handclapping beats create a fun, youthful piece that will surely make you groove.

Talk To Me follows with a chill arrangement of electric guitar and drum hooks. Paired with radio-polished vocals that pauses and plays in all the right places, the track is an extremely well-crafted that explode inti freewheeling electro rock fantasies.

Clad in tribal, rapid drumbeats, Hope ends the album in pure sonic bliss. Listen as Kopecky create dazzling synth rock tricks while perfectly handling their affinity for energized beats and textured melodies.

In this album, Kopecky delivers plenty of brilliant sonic moments and manages to provide original music while still identifying with the current trends.

Track List:
1. Quarterback
2. Talk To Me
3. Are You Listening
4. Hope

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