System Status Lite is the free version of System Status. Developed by Technet, it’s a utility app that will optimize your iOS device and monitor key specs. Although it’s a lite version, it monitors all the important parameters such as the connections, CPU load and how much disk space you are using up.

This app has universal iOS support, so all iPad, iPhone and iPod models are all supported. The device has full network and cell monitoring, including data about your Wi-Fi or 3G connection, as well as the IP addresses of your connection. In addition you can find information about the system boot up and what the load average was for the past 15 minutes.


If you download a lot of apps and games, you will find its disk monitoring feature just as handy. System Status Lite also shows you the state of your device’s battery, whether it is carrying a charge, discharging or if it is already full. Your battery’s status is displayed graphically so it’s easier to understand. For all its numerous features, System Status Lite is easy to use thanks to its help. The parameters can be changed, and they will be reflected in real time. It also makes extensive use of colors so the information is easier to understand.

With so many free apps and games now available, you are probably downloading more apps than you know, taxing your device. With System Status Lite, you know exactly what’s going on with your device. The app works very well on all iOS devices, and support for portrait and landscape modes in iPads are available.

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