Basket Note Pads by Kelvie Wong is, as the name suggests, a note taking application that makes it easy for you to gather your notes. After you have your notes you can search those results and organize them in many ways. This is a very useful application especially if you like to take a lot of notes while organizing your thoughts.

Basket Note Pads also has many other features that will make it easy for you to arrange and keep track of all your notes. Besides the intuitive interface, the application also supports pasting of images, application launchers and adding email addresses. But more than those features what really makes Basket Note Pads useful is that you can arrange the notes by project or topic. Furthermore, you can collapse and hide those groups that are not important right now.


Basket Note Pads for Linux also lets you tag your notes, a very handy feature so you can mark notes as “work”, “important”, “ideas” and so on. You can also make check boxes for your progress bars, a to do list and more. With these features Basket Note Pads makes it a breeze to locate your notes using the tag. The program doesn’t get in the way because it runs minimized, but when you need you can just click its icon or use its keyboard shortcut.

All things considered Basket Note Pads for Linux is a very useful application for students and researchers alike. One more good thing about the program should be said, and it’s that your notes are automatically saved. So even if you forget to save your notes, the program will do it for you.

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