Fast Times At Trillmont High is the latest record from romantic “super villain” Toussaint Morrison.  This is one of the first mixtapes he is releasing before unleashing his debut album.

Filled with 23-strong tracks, you’ll find a lot of love for this one. Mr. Toussaint Morrison is back in high school and he’s got a huge number of stories in tow. The album and tracks primarily center on his experiences in Roosevelt High School but this time it’s set in a different school in Wisconsin.

Together with producer, Dr. Wylie; you’ll easily hear plenty of familiar 80s tracks that have been remixed in a very unique way to tell a story. It’s an exciting and certainly interesting record that shouldn’t be missed.

Opening with the exciting track, Hulk; the cut combines bouncy rhythm, skilful mixes and awesome rhymes from Toussaint. The cut is danceable and easily enjoyable and if you listen closely, it’s fairly easy to tell which track they’ve sampled on here. It might even bring a bit of nostalgia too.


Another cool track is the beautiful R&B/rap style cut, Daggers at Dawn. It’s a catchy rap single that delivers a very old school vibe.

Every now and then, listeners are treated to an interlude with what’s happening at the school. Plenty of fun is up ahead in this mixtape and it’s definitely a great journey to indulge in if you love concept records. However, it’s hard to catch a glimpse of the real Toussaint’s skills especially since there’s quite a lot of familiar tracks incorporated in the mix, hopefully his upcoming debut record will allow his skills to take center stage much better.

Fast Times At Trillmont High is a must to check out so dont miss out.

Track List

1. Hulk 05:30
2. How Do You Say “Welcome To Milwaukee” In Korean? (interlude) 01:12
3. Welcome To MKE 03:31
4. Daggers At Dawn 04:01
5. Washington Jackson Escapes The Resource Room (interlude) 02:06
6. Alternative Cool 03:12
7. GameTime Mahoney Gets Advice On Love (interlude) 02:32
8. Risperdal in Reverse 03:52
9. Ms. Day And Juice Visit The Library (interlude) 01:21
10. Teen Beast 04:26
11. Roosevelt Roosevelt 04:11
12. After School Alter Ego 03:21
13. Why Are All The Cool Kids From West Bend? (interlude) 01:07
14. West Benders 03:03
15. Fresh In A Face Off With Iowa (interlude) 01:41
16. Iowa Gurl Rock 04:14
17. End Of The Trillmont Tour (interlude) 01:41
18. Riverwest Kids Do It Better 03:38
19. Prom So Hard 05:34
20. Driving With Jillian 04:07
21. Driving With Kid Fresh 04:27
22. The Ballad Of Rad Campbell 03:44
23. Last Day Of School (feat. Jimmy & The Threats) 06:22

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