Dubbing their music “folk magic,” Longsleeves definitely know what their music can do to people. Passage of Stairs is a mini 4-track compilation that enchants and hypnotizes listeners with its sweet voiced, laid-back indie folk pop rock sound.

Originally hailing from the quiet town of Huntington, Indiana; this currently California-based duo can turn an ordinary quiet day to something extra special with their music. So far, the two has released 7 compilations offering them as a free digital download under creative commons.

Longsleeves is one of the few bands that beautifully mixes indie folk with pop and rock, then anointing it with just the right percussions, vocal work and electronics. Certainly a must-have record for those looking for some “folk magic.” 

Longsleeves is made up of James Musselman and Ben Laatsch. The two first met in an open mic at a local coffee house in their small town. Since then, they’ve discovered a mutual passion for creating lovely indie folk that simply bores its head down your psyche. Their mutual love and respect for creating gorgeous sounds adds to the beauty of their songs. Currently, the group has been going the rounds in the San Diego area and slowly spreading their infectious sound throughout the Great Lakes region.

After listening to Passage of Stairs for a couple of times, it’s not hard to imagine the entire record becoming a staple on my playlist. Opening with the very sweet and melodic, A Man Crossed Out; from the get-go you’ll realize that this band has something special up their sleeves. The song seems tailor made to serve as a background for many beautiful indie films or even as a subtle soundtrack to your personal musings.

On the other hand, another favorite, Cognitive Dissonance is a quiet track that showcases the duo’s amazing vocal harmony. It has the right mix of percussions and electronic beats without really overpowering the vocals. The melody is perfect, combining an acoustic sound with a melancholic/reflective electronic pop vibe.

Overall, the album is a must-listen if you love quiet indie folk. These guys know what they’re good at and they don’t think twice about showing off their strengths. It’s one of those records where after the last song, you realize you want to listen to more, and even more of them. Definitely worth having in your playlist.

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