Streetlamp is an indie band from New York that gorgeously fuses rock, soul, blues and folk into their riveting sound.

Spearheaded by Kit Oh Kein! singer, Ryan Milligan (check out their album here) Streetlamp has that distinct alt-country blues rock sound meshed with the gritty underground hipster scene.

The EP contains 6 tracks recorded between October 2011 to April 2012 and currently offered as a free download over at BandCamp.

Bringing out a very specific rock flavor; Streetlamp’s debut album has poised itself to become an easy favorite.

Walking, starts off the record in a hodge podge of Southern style guitars interspersed with awesome rhythm. It’s an instrumental track with nothing but drums and nasty riffs taking center stage. The short introduction preps up the listeners for all the goodness up ahead. Following closely is the smooth single, Streetlamp. You’ll find blueesy guitars, some wonderful singing and an overall slow-dance-inducing feel throughout.

Directional, also marches in the same vein while Skyward, finishes the short EP with a laid back indie alternative rock beat. The cut starts off slow and moves to a slight fervor towards the middle part. Essentially, it’s equal parts luscious 90s Brit rock and modern indie rock.

Overall, Streetlamp is a highly recommended record. If you’ve checked out Kit Oh Kein! before and liked their sound then this one really won’t disappoint. It’s in a slightly different direction but the catchy tunes and engaging blues rock rhythm is enough to make this one a keeper. Take a listen and don’t miss out on the download.

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