If you’re looking for a mad dose of lo-fi indie rock, Coed is your best bet in the department. Combining a mix of hipster fun along with raucous guitars, droned out drums and mostly indiscernible vocals; the compilation offers exciting dynamics with some much needed funk.

Don’t be surprised, the compilation is quite raw and most of the time you’ll have a hard time understanding what the vocalist is singing about. However, it’s this blatant rawness that also mystifies and makes this a great indie rock record worth checking out.

It Hurts My Feelings to be This Right was released in 2012 and contains 6 tracks. The band includes Josh Pringle, Evan Seeds, Josh Crusa, and Caleb Pringle.

No Room for Explanation opens up the record and in a way, it lives up to its title. There is no need for explanation once you listen to this track. It is loud, brash and oh so very indie rock. Following closely is the three minute number, Twice Removed. The track is more fluid and offers up a more consistent rhythm with that characteristic and inescapable jangly guitars greeting listeners at the onset.

Meanwhile, Stillborn is one of the the more mellow cuts on the album. By mellow, there’s no grungy guitars and the vocals are slightly clearer while the melody takes a major portion of the limelight.

All In and Wash Away, close off the compilation and offer up a bit of soul. The final track is slightly more melodic compared to the opener and definitely showcases the band’s musical range.

Overall, the record has its strong points and weakpoints. However, if you love indie rock and want something dirty, guttural and slightly poppy; then you’ll probably have fun with this album. Enjoy!

Track List

1. No Room for Explanation 04:02
2. Twice Removed 03:38
3. Stillborn 03:04
4. Excavation 03:30
5. All In 02:55
6. Wash Away 04:56

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