Slow Mp3 is a small application developed by Pekka Kauppila that you use to edit mp3 files. Now it is true there are several mp3 editors available, but this application is much smaller and won’t take up as much room. In addition, the interface is very clean so you can figure out the functions quickly.


Slow Mp3 has several useful features, but the most important is the fact that it can slow down your mp3s, very handy when editing. By being able to slow an mp3 file down you can play the file in another key. In addition to this you can also transcribe and transpose songs right there and then.

Slow Mp3 is also one of the few free applications that make it easy to learn songs in various keys. Rather than open up a large application you can just play one segment repeatedly at half the normal rate. Rather than guess how it works, you can use Slow Mp3 for identifying a chord.

Slow Mp3 can also display the notes for the file you are playing too. Once the program is installed you can see all the controls arranged neatly, with labels for the volume and speed. You can also use this program to edit WAV files too. Since you can use Slow Mp3 for both wav and mp3, there is no need to download another application. If you are tired of using bloated programs just to make small changes to your mp3 files then Slow Mp3 is just right for you.

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