This one if for all the kids who just hate visiting the dentist. So now, it is your time to play the dentist and clean the mouth and teeth of big, ugly monsters with bad-odor. Monster Mouth DDS is a game that features loads of gun creatures with a cavity problem that need to be addressed.

The game is primarily targeted at the kids and it has its own fun moments. Keeping the target-audience in mind, the developer has done quite a decent job in terms of gameplay, environments and the role they play.

Players will have to explore the “oh so clean” mouth of the monsters (pun intended) to rectify their tooth issues, all before they can slam their jaws together to end the game.

The monsters can have various teeth problems like cavity, broken tooth, painful jaws, or very unclean teeth. The tools available for the player are really nice and add that basic touch of realism; for instance, players can find hidden cracks via X-ray machines, blast cracked teeth with a bomb, or just pull out cavities with a tong. In the current updated version 1.03, the developers have made all the Monsters free, and there is no need of an in-app purchase for additional creatures.

Overall, the game is one of the most child-friendly ones on the iOS platform and being an universal app, parents can happily work over their iPad, while the iPod Touch becomes your kids new best-friend. Lets face it, sometimes keeping such games handy on your device is more than just a good idea.

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