Notefly is a free open source software that you can use to take down notes and reminders. While there are a lot of note taking applications, the Notefly development team has made this program stand out thanks to its unique features and customizability.

Notefly is more than just a basic note taking application, as it lets you create notes in different colors. This feature is not just for aesthetic purposes but is actually useful when you are trying to group your notes and sort them by topic.


Also, you can make lists in the program, great when you are noting down items you need to buy in the store, or just a list of things that you want to do. If you want a particular item to stand out, underline it or make the text bold, so you can easily it. Making some words bold is also a good way to make headers for your lists.

Notefly has a Manage window so you wonít have any problems arranging your notes, removing those you no longer need and placing the priority ones in front. If youíre into coding, you can use Notefly to highlight snippets of SQL, HTTP, HTML and PH so you donít get confused about it.

For such a powerful app, it is a real lightweight at 300 kb, and even better is the fact that it doesnít mess with the Windows Registry when you download and run the software. So unlike large programs that do all sorts of things to mess up Windows, this one doesnít.

Notefly can run on Windows 7, and it also requires NETT Framework 2.0.

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