If the name Amy Stroup rings a bell, that’s because you surely have heard her tunes somewhere.

This Nashville-based chanteuse had her tunes featured on various TV series (Grey’s Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars, to mention a few) and ads for Eharmony and Walmart.

Now, as she focuses primarily on her budding music career, it’s deemed worthwhile for us to go down memory lane with familiar TV tunes as well as new songs; thus, the Noisetrade Exclusive.

Three sleek productions — “Hello Mr. Sunshine” from Drop Dead Diva, “Covering Your Tracks” from The Vampire Diaries, and “Sabotage” from One Tree Hill — jumpstart this poppy collection of lite female singer-songwriter affair, an obscure Sara Bareilles if you will.

On the other hand, non-soundtrack material such as the vibrant “Hold Onto Hope Love” illuminate even more. It’s the EP or album cuts that apparently hold more promise, a fact that we “hold on to” until the last track, “Listening Now,” runs out of notes and we’re left hanging on for dear music.

Amy Stroup, the name to watch out.

Track listing:
1. Hello Mr. Sunshine
2. Covering Your Tracks
3. Sabotage
4. Hold Onto Hope Love
5. Count to Three
6. Find Your Way Back (Remix)
7. Come On Back
8. Listening Now

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