There are times when we’re just craving for that dose of suburban indie. Actually, that time might be now.

Speaking Suns, a relatively new independent band, is shooting for the sky (excuse the pun, guys) with their own breed of indie pop via their newest EP, Part One. As to why the collection is named as such, we don’t know, but something tells us that it might signify they’re messianic destiny.

They surely didn’t disappoint.

“Something’s Happening” at the start of the EP — luring us right away to the goods with those progressive beats and riffs. Ticking in at 4 minutes long, the quintet is already reminiscent of how Coldplay sounded when they were still a fledgling, rawer band.

“Hollow”, on the other hand, is your standard indie fare, but the Suns expound on the tropes with an ethereal aura that’s almost trippy and out-of-this-world (we guarantee). Daydream stuff, in short.

With the other tracks evoking the same promise, it’s not that difficult to imagine a “sunny” forecast for this Dayton-based act.

Track listing:
1. Something’s Happening
2. Great Hoax
3. Hollow
4. Evening Exits
5. Easy Feeling

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