“We chose the name [This Public Life] because anything we write about has in some way affected our life and we make it public through songwriting” says Jimmy Pollock, the singer/guitarist for This Public Life. After a single listen to It Shouldn’t Cost the Earth, Jimmy’s claim starts making a lot more sense.


The EP plays like a moody experience that thrives on it’s underlying store of melodrama and a strong heartfelt passion marks Jimmy’s vocals as they glide over the band’s mellow and brooding rock instrumentation. The air is enchantingly dark, sometimes even ominous, and the focus here is given as much to honest introspection and reflection as it is to melody.

The band starts off the record with – Capulate, its strongest track. Haunting guitar and synth melodies intertwine while Jimmy’s impressive cadence works its magic. Another highlight arrives with the third track, Balloons – a minimalist ballad with some gorgeous acoustic guitar work.

This Public Life proves once again, as it has been proven many times in the past, that music is always greater when the musician has something to say. It Shouldn’t Cost the Earth is definitely worth a listen.

Favorite Track: Capulate


Track List
1. Capulate
2. Broken Wings
3. Balloons
4. UV
5. Parked Cars

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