Squeeze some inspiration into your week with Nothing But…Spring, a 16-track themed compilation by Nothing But Hope and Passion, a Germany-based music magazine that’s designed for everyone who thinks a bit more about life, who wants to get a bit more from life, and who gives a bit more to live.

A few seconds into the first track, The Return by Paris XY, and you will surely be mesmerized with hauntingly beautiful vocals that bloom in the ears and give a bit of goosebumps. From an echoing intro, the track transitions into an electro dance piece with a dark, edgy core.

For a more acoustic vibe, Throw Me Off The Bridge’s Shed of Lies features that soft moment when winter slowly lets go and gives way to spring. The piece’s clear vocals and easily digestible instrumentation makes it a pleasurable track to listen to.

Fenster‘s Mirrors is an experimental nostalgic piece that transports you to psychedelic dreamscapes of chirping birds and atmospheric vocals. Close your eyes and let this sonic gem lull you into sonic heaven.

Boasting with electro tunes and steady beats, Honeymoon is an ideal backdrop to long train rides. This ambient track showcases Lyla Foy‘s raspy voice, which possesses a certain warming comfort that reminds you of home.

Closing up the collection is Rue Royale’s Pull Me Like A String. This experimental track utilizes layered vocals and hip hop beats that are intricately dispersed all throughout the song, giving the listeners texture and sonic variety.

The album is an organically harmonized hodgepodge of tracks from various artists that give different interpretation of one of the most romantic seasons, spring. The album covers a wide range of genres that caters to all types of music lovers.

Track List:
1. Paris XY – The Return
2. Ønskeøen – Baby Cigarettes
3. Disaster in the Universe – Yugen (Telling Me All)
4. Throw Me Off The Bridge – Shed Of Lies
5. Kadebostany – The Eagle
6. The Anna Thompsons – Suspiria
7. Dance On The Tightrope – Golden Coin
8. Young Hare – Isla Nubla
9. Fenster – Mirrors
10. Will Samson – Rusting Giants
11. Anna Aaron – Linda
12. Alcoholic Faith Mission – Dancing Fools
13. Lyla Foy – Honeymoon
14. Snakadaktal – Hung On Tight
15. Jeff Beadle – Did You Run? (Acoustic Version)
16. Rue Royale – Pull Me Like A String (Heart Island Remix)

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