Summer can be a state of mind. It doesn’t matter if it is already raining where you are. As long as you have the perfect music to listen to, you can pretend to feel the sun’s warm rays on your skin as you think of lying down on a towel in the beach.


Meet Sun Daes, Santa Barbara locals who will remind you of long lost summer fun and do-nothing days. This surf pop rock band knows what tropical summers are made of and made a concoction of it out of jangly guitars, catchy guitar riffs and breezy vocals.

Choose Yr Own Adventure starts with a persistent and fun guitar and drums combo. It has a bit of math rock influence with its hard-to-time rhythm. This song exudes youthfulness and recklessness, making it the best song to listen to while you drive on your way to the beach.

Lay Down Take Time Breathe Slow Feel Alright is a mantra disguised as a perky song with ringing guitars and hard to resist reverbs and arrangement. The song feels like a bright spot on a cloudy day, perfect for days when you feel a bit of sunshine in your life.

If you want to replenish your summer playlist with new artists, make some room for Sun Daes. It will make you long for sunburns, sweat on your skin and summer scents.

Track List:
1. Choose Yr Own Adventure
2. San Francisco
3. Something Bright
4. Lay Down Take Time Breathe Slow Feel Alright
5. Tidal
6. Pyro
7. Pacific/Atlantic

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