Every band with a song named “Satan made a mansion” deserves attention. Period.

Coma Cinema‘s music sounds as if it came from a strange and quiet place. The band never references specific geography, but the depressive attitude in their music is one where the city moves at a slow pace, not NYC music here. This is not a 100% -depressive state- record, I think this record sings about missed opportunities, boredom and 0 things to look for. But the strangest thing that I found in this record is that you can have pop tunes here, even with the band not trying hard to accomplish this.

The lyrics are heavy; they are certain to leave you thinking and will manage to give you a better understanding of what it means to be human; what it means to live in this world. This guy really impressed me with his voice and lyrics. I can only imagine how many things he has lived through. Brutally honest.


The Album:
Satan made a mansion:
Pop tune, my favorite of the album. This is the single every record like this one needs to get out to the public. The album, being so personal and dramatically honest, obviously has some songs that just can not get radio airplay. But this song is the one, and it’s ironic because of the track’s title. It’s like the artist is playing with fire here, but in a very clever way.

Posthumous Release:
Man, a piano ballad never sounded so rock and roll. This is what art is all about, a raw and honest song that comes from your soul. I can hear the sadness and the grieve in his voice. And for the record the voice is not all that important in the song; I don’t listen to music to find the best voices, I listen to music to find the most real artists – and here that artist is the one with the, by far, the best lyrics. Do yourself a favor and listen to it.

Amazing record.

Track Listing
1.White Trash VHS
2.She Keeps it Alive
3.Bailey Jay
4.Lee (Columbine High Harmony)
5.Satan Made a Mansion
6.Partners in Crime
7.Burn a Church
8.Virgin Veins
9.Survivor’s Guilt
10.Marie (No Sleep)
11.Posthumous Release

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