Get a hold of City Rain‘s latest musical offering, Songs for a High School Dance, and indulge in tasteful beats and fine-tuned pieces that are perfect accompaniment for every season.

Boasting a hefty collection of 12 tracks, this album captures a youthful fervor and raw intensity that will either make you groove or sway.

Kicking things off with perfectly dispersed electronic beats is Runaway. A steady upbeat introduction builds into rock-induced vocals and solid rhythm. It’s easy to fall in love with this song because of its hooking beats and polished production.

Join The Human Race follows with a plethora of drum beats and textured riffs. The combination of dreamwave and electro rock captures the ears with much flavor.


In The Dreamer, City Rain mellows down a bit with a charming piano that slowly builds into an echoing, hand-clapping tempo. What makes City Rain’s sound distinct is their ability to combine contrasting sounds and instruments, and placing in them in a way that always suprises the listeners.

Prepare for some easy listening with Mama I Wanna Go Home. Echoing vocals and stripped down strings burns deep in the skin.

Songs For A High School Dance is a radio-polished collection that hits the right sonic spot. City Rain has succeeded in crafting an album that relates to the listener while still staying true to its chosen genre.

Track List:
1. Runaway
2. Join The Human Race
3. The Optimist
4. Hearts
5. The Dreamer
6. Waiting On A Feeling
7. Don’t Choke Feat. Kate Faust
8. What’s In Store
9. Walls
10. Mama I Wanna Go Home
11. The Dreamer (Live @ The Block)
12. Walls (Live @ The Block)

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