There is beauty in understated simplicity, ease, and moderation which is shown in Jordan Rakei‘s music. In Franlikn’s Room released last September, the Brisbane native offers a pleasurable mix of hip hop, soul, and reggae.

The artistic freedom invested in this album is mainly focused on the instruments and mixture. The collection reflects Rakei’s good taste as each track combines different elements in a non-polluting, digestible manner.

Gorgeous melodies opens in My Time. Smooth sailing piano keys gives a warm, relaxing vibe while soulful grooves pick up at the middle to polish off the track.

Hope follows with solid r&b vocals that blends well with the subdued beats and down-tempo melody. I love how the rhythmic pauses gives a reggae flair to the song. While Selfish is the perfect chill-out anthem with funky bass-driven beats that will surely ease your nerves.


Living in the Past comes from the same sonic mold as Selfish, but the r&b vocals are more pronounced creating an equal relationship with reggae and soul. Rakei treats us with a clear, crisp delivery that takes the song to a whole new level.

Wrapping up the album is Imagine. Press play and let drum- and bass-heavy melodies flourish in your ears.

It’s hard to choose a favorite track with a collection as solid as Franklin’s Room. Jordan Rakei has outdone himself as each song is treated, not as a retail-worthy object, but as a delicate work of art that needs to be perfected even in its smallest details.

Track List:
1. My Time
2. Hope
3. Selfish
4. Get Up
5. Living in the Past
6. Imagine

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