Try something new today with Young X‘s third installment of Man With No Music, Summer Nostalgia, presented by MidSouth Muzik. The 16-track album casts an air of cool and tempo-heavy hiphop, presenting something fresh that you can vibe to at work.

The beat drops in Last Train to Fame feat. Katja. Seconds within the track and your ears will be caressed with soothing R&B vocals that swirl perfectly with robust, clean rapping. The female R&B hook really does the trick with this one as it’s quite addicting and pleasurable to listen to.

Trill IV Ever feat. Dray Solis follows with solid beats the reverberates within the ears, creating heart-pumping tunes to energize your day. While 16 Candles opens in an experimental mixture of record samples that sets the backdrop for sharp, sensual lines that boast just the right pace to jam to.


Oozing with chilled out arrangement is Ride Slab. The track shouts “laid-back” in its entirety as relaxed lines are paired with pulsing beats that are swift by rapid drums.

My Nightmares closes the album in a perfect balance with hiphop and R&B. These musical cousins work hand-in-hand to create an ideal fusion of two well-loved genres that take the word “chill” to a whole new level.

Summer Nostalgia is a celebration of probably the most loved season, summer, with teeming visuals of memories under the sun channeled through well-balanced hiphop and R&B tunes. So download, hit play, and let these superb pieces do their magic.

Track List:
1. Last Train To Fame feat. Katja
2. Trill IV Ever feat. Dray Solis
3. F.T.G.U. feat. Just Fame
4. 16 Candles
5. Thy Brethren feat. D.O.L.O.
6. Ride Slab
7. Fortune Teller feat. Dray Solis
8. Garcia Vega
9. X-Ray Vision
10. Back II Moon Galaga
11. Born Gangsta
12. Side Bish feat. Just Fame
13. Since Day 1 feat. Juan V.
14. 99 Bottles feat. LyssaLadyBoss
15. Spare Change feat. Trapboy
16. My Nightmares

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