The Internet has made thousands of courses available online, and now with apps like EdX, you can learn new skills from the top institutions and universities from your Android or iOS device. Also known as Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), the app gives you access to courses from Harvard, MIT, Microsoft and more.

The EdX app has a clean interface, and basically you just tap and swipe menu options to find the course you’re interested. Courses include statistics, psychology, history, engineering nutrition, computer science etc. There are are also courses for robots programming and application development.

Tap the course you’re interested in and start studying. You can study online or use the download option so you can do so even if you’re not online. You can also stream the course videos or download them for later viewing.

All the courses have a summary so at a glance you will know what it is about. All the courses detail the course’s length, the instructor, subject, and how many hours are needed per week to complete the course. EdX also tells you what the prerequisites are so you’ll know if you need to take up other courses.

All the courses are comprised of sequences that last a week. The exercises include interactive lessons with a mix of videos that make the lessons more interesting and informative. There are even discussion forums where you can get in touch with other EdX users.

If you want to learn something new, EdX is a good option. It’s available for Android and iOS, and the intuitive interface makes it ideal for a lot of users.

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