Remind (formerly Remind 101) is an educational app that provides teachers and educators with a free, convenient way to text parents and students. All interactions conducted on the app are private so security won’t be an issue. With this app, teachers can schedule reminders, send homework and assignments and submit assessments as well.

Remind messages are sent with no open replies, and parents, teachers and students can view all messages in every class anytime from the app. With the app, students and parents now have a more convenient method to stay in touch even when not in the classroom. Once you download the app you can set it up so you receive notifications so you’ll never miss a message.

With Remind you can send text messages free and keep students engaged. It’s very easy to use and practical as well. While the app is mainly for sending short messages, you can use it to teach as well. With students carrying smartphones you’ll have a convenient communications tool, and because it is private you’re assured of security. Remind is also useful for increasing parent and teacher communication, something that’s definitely worth considering because studies show parent and teacher communication is essential for students.

Remind is also useful as an app for sending quizzes, checking field trip attendance, collect votes and other functions. The app also summarizes all the information so at a glance you’ll be able to read the information and know what it’s about. Overall, this is a very good app and should meet the needs of parents, teachers and students.

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