If you’re a teacher or school administrator and using the PowerSchool student information system, you’re going to find the PowerSchool mobile app for the Android and iOS useful. What the app does is provide a way for parents, teachers and students to stay in touch and share information. Unlike other education apps, this has been specifically tailored for this system so it’s more intuitive to use.

The app’s feature set is all about making communication and collaboration simpler while improving a student’s learning experience. After installation, PowerSchool will provide real time data access for students and their parents. Simply start the app and you will see student grades in all subjects as well as scores, assignments, attendances and any comments left by the teacher.

The interface is intuitive and clutter free, and guardians and parents can use it to track a student’s development, and alerts are also built in so if anything about the student comes up at school, you’ll be notified immediately. If you’re a student you can use the app to make a personal assessment of their progress, and parents can do the same.

This app clearly isn’t for everyone but if you’re an educator using this system it’s going to be invaluable. Rather than manually keep track of students’ performances and grades, you can use this app to get the data in real time, plus you can use it to send messages and communicate with their parents as well. There’s also a built-in calendar that can be used to schedule events and meetings, increasing its functionality.

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