Homework sucks but it is something students just have to deal with. While there is no getting around it you can get help via Socratic – Math Answers & Homework Help. The name says it all as the app not only provides homework assistance, but it explains how it arrived at the answer. Explanations are given step by step so you gain an understanding of the methodology.

Socratic is easy to use. Just take a photo of your math problem or other homework question and the app will provide the answer. That is all there is to it: take a picture or type the question/equation and the app supplies the answer.

Aside from math, Socratic can also answer questions about history, science, English, chemistry, biology, calculus and other subjects. For a lot of people, however, the math problem solving is the biggest attraction. If you find yourself struggling with math, this app can help.

Socratic finds the solutions using its database, and it is one of the most comprehensive as it can answer a diverse range of questions. So if you post 2x + 2 = 7x – 5, the app will display the answer as well as a step by step process of how that answer came about. So Socratic does not just give the solution but you also learn how to arrive at that conclusion.

Socratic is aimed foremost at students, but it is also ideal for anyone who might run into these problems. The nice thing about Socratic is you also learn the process and increase your insight and knowledge.

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