Battery Doctor+ from Tap Plex is an app that optimizes the way your Widows phone uses its battery life. One of the most frustrating things with mobile devices is the more apps, games and videos you use, the quicker the battery drains out. With this free app you can extend the battery life by up to 50%.

Battery Doctor+ is able to save up to 50% more of your device’s life by checking which settings and apps use the most power and limiting their use. The app however, is still easy to use and professionally designed. It also has a proprietary 3 Stage Charging System to ensure that the unit charges properly.


Battery Doctor+ gives you the option to disable bloated apps that use a lot of battery life and keep them from draining the battery. In addition, it gives you a precise idea of how much battery life is remaining, very useful if you’re a heavy user, and it also tells you how a charge is progressing. Again this is a useful feature because now you know how long it will take.

One of the problems people face with charging is overdoing it, but Battery Doctor+ makes sure that doesn’t happen with its 3 Stage Charging System, and there’s a toggle for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The app also offers you control over the brightness and temperature.

The app also has support ten languages, and the interface is very easy to understand. More than anything else, Battery Doctor+ gives you the opportunity to adjust the apps and settings that are draining your battery.

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