The GanttProject is a project management program designed to run on Windows, Mac and Linux. It was developed by Alexandre Thomas in 2003 and is now run by Dmitry Barashev. Unlike other project management applications, the GanttProject is easy to use while retaining the most important project management features.

The application has a well designed Gantt chart you can use to schedule various appointments, and resource load charts are also available for complex resource management tasks. There are also numerous report options such as PDF, html, spreadsheets and MS Project so you can set them any way you like.

You can also use GanttProject to create work breakdown structures; perfect if you’re involved in a large project and there is also a task hierarchy and dependencies feature that will help you use the program. Baseline savings and comparison is also available and you can generate PERT charts as well.

The GanttProject allows you to import and export MS Project files and save PDF and html reports too, ideal for sharing with other people. Data can also be exchanged with various spreadsheet programs. Besides WebDAV based group-work you can also use the program for holidays and vacation management and it is available in 20 languages.

GanttProject has a lot of features but it is easy to use. You can set any duration and start date you want, and custom fields and text notes are at our disposal as well. Thanks to the hierarchical tree tasks can be organized efficiently and at lower costs. Finally, summary of tasks make it easy to go through the data.

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