If you’re busy it can be difficult to find time for exercise, let alone go to a gym and hire a personal trainer. But if you still want to get in shape – and you should – you can download Sworkit Lite from Nexercise. This is the free version of Sworkit Pro, but there are more than enough features to have you working up a sweat.

Sworkit is a complete workout app in the sense that you can work out your entire body, as there are four main options: stretching, yoga, cardio and strength. Tap the one you’re interested in and you’ll see detailed workout routines for each. Choose Strength and you’ll be presented with workouts for the lower body, core strength, upper body, and so on, and there are similar options when you tap yoga and the other two.

Once you’ve chosen a workout, set the time and off you go. Each workout is explained and shown in a short video so you’ll know how to do it properly. There are also guides that offer advice for beginners so you avoid the mistakes commonly made.

You can choose to perform a specific set of workouts daily, but there’s also a randomization so if you get easily bored, Sworkit will vary the workouts so you remain focused. Many users like to do a bit of everything, but if you want to just focus on one or two that’s possible too.

The Pro version by the way, includes adjustable interval lengths, rewards points for US users and a few more features, but this free app will do fine for most.

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