Running apps have grown in popularity and features have improved as well, and one of the most recognized is MapMyRun from Under Armour . The brand is well known in the sports and fitness industries so it is no surprise they came up with a quality product. MapMyrun has all the basic features yes, but offers more. Two memberships are available, the free and MVP. This review will focus on the free membership.

Free membership allows you to establish goals, keep track of running time, and monitor running routes. Splits are easy to track and there are no problems getting MapMyRun to keep up with your routes. There is audio confirmation so you’ll know how many miles you’ve run and how fast you’re going. This is one of the most useful features of the app as it helps you keep track of your progress.

The Challenge feature lets you set up challenges according to the workout you do, and you can specify how often the challenge repeats. You can challenge your friends to see how far each has improved. All the other features are easy to access as the interface is clean.

The MVP pay membership offers all the features of the free membership plus sophisticated analytics. These are features that professional runners and athletes will find useful, but if you just want to keep track of your time, splits and basic info, free membership will be more than enough. For reliability and features, MapMyRun is solid.

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