Click and Clean by Vlad & Serge Strukoff is a Firefox add on that cleans your browser history quickly and painlessly. It requires you to have CCleaner, but that app is free so that’s not going to be an issue. With rising privacy concerns, many users are now looking for a convenient way to clean up their browser history, and this is one add on that can help.

Click and Clean is downloaded and installed like any other Firefox add-on, and once it is in place you can use it to get rid of your browser history. The program does not just let you remove traces of your browser history but also the cookies and temp files that are installed on your computer.

When you browse, websites put these cookies in your computer but if you don’t want them they can be removed with Click and Clean. Basically what the app does is serve as an attention for CCleaner. Once it is installed, you will see it’s icon on the Firefox toolbar. Anytime you want to clean your browser, just click the icon on the toolbar and it will go to work.

click clean screenshot

Click and Clean also removes typed URLs, Flash LSO and other data that Firefox has downloaded. While CCleaner is a handy app, it can be a pain to access if you are browsing, but with Click and Clean it is just a click away. Now you can clear your browser history and not worry about your privacy, and it is also handy for reclaiming hard disk space.

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