Reader by Baris Derin is one of those Firefox add ons that makes reading on the browser much easier. All too often websites use fonts, colors and styles that are hard on the eyes, but this add on is going to take care of that. Once you install this app, reading won’t be an issue anymore.

Once you download and install Reader, it will appear as an icon on the Firefox toolbar (with the letter R). If you click it you’re going to see the Reader interface open with options to tweak the text layout of the website you are on. Among the options there are changing the text and make it more readable, and increase the size or make it smaller.

Essentially what you do is choose the options and Reader will make the changes automatically. The add on has support for 16 million colors, and if you’re not content with the basic color, just use the Color Picker and set the tone for the text, background and the anchor as well.

Reader screenshot

One of the most common problems with websites is the font they use are hard on the eyes and difficult to read even if you zoom in. With Reader you can select any font installed on your operating system and you that instead. You can even use Reader for printing, and if the website has long lines of text, the auto scroll function ensures reading will be smooth.

Bottom line: if you’re having trouble reading fonts on websites, this is going to be a big help.

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