“I want my music to touch people. I know people who want to hear me are out there and I’ll work 110% every step of the way until I can get them to sit down and listen to me.” Lauren mentions in a heartfelt note describing herself and her passion for music.


The fact that Lauren Carnahan is just 17 may come as a surprise to many since her music sounds unquestionably like the work of a matured pop artist. The EP’s five tracks are written with a keen eye for melody and feature an energetic infusion of electronica. Her powerful style often brings to mind hits from Jessie J and Tori Kelly.

Unbreakable opens with the hauntingly Lorde-esque Playin Safe where Lauren’s voice croons over an infectiously dark beat. On the fun and danceable Hello and Life Of The Party which follow, Lauren lets loose and sings about boys and crushes. Tickin’ Me Off on the other hand, surprises us with its stripped down acoustic sound.

Unbreakable displays an eager and compelling enthusiasm – something every upcoming artist must have to make it big. Lauren also has another EP coming this fall.

Favorite Track: Life of the Party


Track List
1, Playin’ Safe
2. Hello
3. Life Of The Party
4. Tickin’ Me Off
5. Unbreakable

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