It starts with a sound reminiscent of a Christmas ballet performance, but just a second or two later transitions into the world of of an action-movie inspired chaos.
OVERWERK seems to always get it right and Canon (released in November of last year) is definitely not an exception. Filled with clean, mind-blowing beats this one is a keeper.

When you listen one of Overwerk’s albums you will not get to know his sound well. It’s not to say that all of his work sound the same; instead his electro-symphonic style will make a big impact. Clean yet complex – something his fans understand well:
“OVERWERK’s indescribable blend of heavy electro-bass & passionate, soulful orchestral pieces have left an impact that no one else has ever come close to making.”
“OVERWERK has really come into his sound with this. Great mix of symphonic and gritty electro sounds. He is the lovechild of Justice and Hans-Zimmer”

So head from Toccata feeling like you just came back from a energy drive night at a nightclub, to more relaxed and freeing Canon Pt.2 and Winter. Canon has it all. Heavy electro beats, bells, violin, overpowering synths. Great albums are meant to be shared, so share on.

Favorite Track: Cannon

Track List:
1. Canon 04:58
2. Toccata 06:50
3. Create 05:55
4. Canon Pt. II 06:15
5. Winter 07:19

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