If you’ve never heard of Uber before – here it is. This free app makes it easy, with just a few taps, to request a driver service – contact an Uber driver and a car will show up to take you where you need to go. It is also available around the world (receiving some pretty good reviews from passengers and the drivers alike) so you are set even when you leave town or country.

After downloading and installing the app, follow the instructions for setting up your credit card for payment and other details. Once your credit card has been configured the charge and tip are automatically deducted from your account, so no need to take cash out.

To use the app, you just use the GPS built in or type your address if using the Uber website If the GPS is zoomed out, just tap to zoom in so you can see it clearly and move the pin to your location or just type it in. At the top of the screen is an address so you will know if the app GPS identified your spot correctly.

Enter your destination and if you want, tap a button to change payment, and you can tap the Fare Quote to see how much the trip is going to cost. Now tap Request Uber and wait for the Uber driver to pick you up. You will see a picture of the driver, license number, and a text will be sent stating how long it’ll take before the driver arrives to pick you up.

That’s all there is to using the Uber app, and if you’d rather be in a cool black car than a cab, this is a good choice.

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