Traveling is fun, but planning and organizing can be a hassle. WorldMate app is designed to make things easier for you. Developed by WorldMate Inc, it is available for the iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

The app is pleasing to the eye, especially with iOS’ Retina Display. The application stores trip details locally, so you can view the files even with no Internet connection. In addition, there are other features that stand out, including the ability to provide flight alerts in real time.

WorldMate has a tip calculator, useful for travelers everywhere. There is a currency converter, local search and weather forecaster. Trips with family, friends and associates can be shared. Aside from sharing stuff on Facebook, you will be able to find LinkedIn contacts close by. WorldMate’s ability to look for alternative flights can be a real life saver. There are schedules for over a thousand airlines as well. Flight status coverage is over 85% worldwide and nearly 100% in the United States.


WorldMate’s Flight Alerts will notify you in case there are flight cancellations, delays and gate changes. You can then look for other flights with its search feature. Even better, there is Calendar Sync with Macs iPads and iPhones.

The app’s Itinerary Management feature can forward confirmation emails to over a thousand travel providers. The information is then used to construct your travel itinerary.

There are almost 10 million travelers who use the application. The app is continuously updated. One of its newest features is Hotel Price Alerts. Simply forward a confirmation email and they will notify you if there is a better package deal. You will also be notified of special offers if you so choose.

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