The Final Fantasy series is one of the most enduring in video game history, and Mobius Final Fantasy from Square Enix is one of its best mobile incarnations. Final Fantasy games are known for their stunning graphics, RPG based combat and immersive gameplay, and Mobius doesn’t disappoint.

The story involves an unnamed character who is trapped in a mysterious world. Your goal is to help the protagonist become one of the Warriors of Light, and that means battling monsters using various weapons and spells. The visuals – as will be clear during the game’s introduction – are really impressive. From the world to the monsters to the costume designs they are all top notch.

Combat controls are straightforward: tap the screen to strike, every now and then using your character’s special abilities and spells. The combat system is easy to learn and it’s a lot of fun to use orbs to attack your enemies. As you tap and swipe your way to the succeeding levels, you uncover new classes, new ability cards and become more powerful.

If you have played the other Final Fantasy games before will find the atmosphere very similar. Even if you haven’t played FF or any mobile RPG titles before, the game does a good job easing you in.
Mobius Final Fantasy is an enjoyable game and it’s not just for fans of the Final Fantasy games but anyone who likes good mobile RPG games in general. It is not as complex as other FF titles of course, but for mobile gaming it’s one of the best in its class.

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