Fancy designing your dream house? Well, Design Home from Crowdstar allows you to do just that. Basically the game is about designing a house, but you can also take part in competitions or judge other home designs by other players. There are lots of these apps on mobile, and this is one of the best as it combines challenges with creativity.

The game starts with an empty house. There are various photorealistic furniture including chairs, sofas, tables, lamps, tables and so on. If you see something you like, tap that furniture and it will be placed in the house. There are different types of tables, chairs, decorations, etc. so feel free to experiment with the design you like.

The blue bubbles you see means that furniture are required, while the purple ones are optional for your design. If you’re satisfied, you can join the competition and pit your design against those of other players. At the same time you will be judging their creations as well.

Design Home isn’t as simple as it seems because you have to follow some instructions. You also have a limited amount of funds early on, so don’t waste it. By going with small items first, you will go further and succeed in the challenges. Every challenge has a theme, and you have to follow it.

So if the design calls for a minimalist approach, use the right furniture. If you’re new to this and don’t know where to begin, just look at the top rated designs to get ideas. Do that, and you’ll be on your way to building the house of your dreams.

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